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Meeting Booths: An Essential Component of Every Open-Plan Office

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Meeting booths are rapidly becoming an integral part of modern workspaces, helping to build a greater level of employee satisfaction, in turn increasing productivity levels. Studies highlighting the benefits have led to a surge in the popularity of high-backed meeting booths over the last few years.

Of course, there’s no way to pretend otherwise: open-plan workspaces have some very clear benefits. They’re flexible, allowing for changes in staffing numbers; they’re cost-effective, great for the boss; and they also help with free-flowing communication amongst the team. Despite this, the same negatives appear time and time again – if they’re done wrong, they can be noisy and chaotic; leading your team to feel distracted, stressed and lacking privacy.

As new research helps to understand changes in working habits, businesses have come to realise that to thrive, they must provide their employees with the varying environments they need to perform at their best throughout the day – whatever task they’re doing, whatever mood they’re feeling. Organisations must recognise the individual needs of their team members; after all, everybody works differently.

It’s because of this that designers are changing the office landscape with the inclusion of a variety of different zones. Each of these distinct spaces provides unique ways to work, giving individuals a choice of where, and how, they want to work.

Of these areas, those with soft seating booths are some of the most in-demand. They’re great at providing private spaces, where workers can filter out noise and distractions; and are also very simple to install.

Unlike dedicated meeting rooms, booths are cost-effective, compact and flexible. Meeting rooms are often found to be under-utilised – spending much of the day empty. Contrary to this, soft seating meeting booths remain popular throughout the day. Configurable in different sizes and with a range of power and media devices, meeting booths offer peaceful places for individuals and teams to make phone calls, have informal meetings, or simply relax.

Meeting booths are an effective way to form creative and collaborative zones, helping to raise productivity and employee satisfaction levels. Their enduring popularity is a testament to this, becoming a landmark of every modern workspace.

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